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LabsForm offers far more than just an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN).  Incorporate your current paper worksheets and even link key equipment to streamline and enhance laboratory processes and compliance levels.

LabsForm is highly flexible and adaptable, offering a large range of functionalities to suit any laboratory:

  • Auto entry of data from equipment such as balances to save time and transcription errors
  • Link to previous studies/equipment/reagents to enhance data availability without the need for duplication
  • Incorporate time and signature stamps as required
  • Perform calculations directly within LabsForm
  • Create labels for reagents, monitor their usage, location and expiry date
  • Email workflow approval with integrated links for the approval of significant stages
  • Archive and share data from completed studies
  • Ready for use out of the box, Terrington can also customise and create new modules to suit your exact requirements

LabsForm can be used on your workbench or office via a PC or through handhelds for mobile data capture.  We also offer a cloud based solution which is invaluable for use of the software package across multiple sites.