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Features & Benefits

The benefits of LabsForm are broad and depend upon your applications and workflow.  We’ve listed some of the more common features and benefits proven by existing customers:



Web interface

Allows remote access across multiple sites, aids harmonisation of procedures, no downtime required for any upgrades

Fully searchable data using an Oracle™ database

Easier and more detailed audit trails at the click of a button

Enhanced productivity

Reduce the time taken to run routine procedures, pipette calibration for example takes just 10 minutes

SOPs and procedures can be embedded into the Studies Interface

Minimises room for error, streamlines the project

Labels with barcodes can be created and printed from Labnotes

Eliminates risk of transcription errors

Calculations and thresholds embedded for calibrations

Eliminates the risk of calculation errors

Calculations for calibrations are dynamic and immediately visible

Allows the user to stop rectify a problem immediately

Reagent location, usage and expiry date is fully traceable

Prevents the unauthorised use of expired reagents

Scheduling feature, for example for calibration or PM procedures

Ensures routine or time-critical procedures are performed

Clear highlighting of any uncalibrated equipment

Prevents the unauthorised use of such equipment

Workflow emailing

Further increases efficiency by preventing unnecessary delays in approval at key stages


Reduces storage requirements and associated costs