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Technical Specifications

Detailed below are some key technical requirements and specifications for implementing LabsForm from an IT hardware and software perspective. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and our technical team will be happy to provide you with further details.

Laboratory user interface delivered via a web browser:

  • No need to install and maintain software on client's PC

  • Makes upgrading to a new version quick and simple



Internet Explorer 7

Any service pack level

Internet Explorer 8


Internet Explorer 9


Internet Explorer 10

In compatibility mode

Internet Explorer 11

In compatibility mode

Google Chrome




Mozilla Firefox



 Thick client components deployable as Microsoft remote apps or from a Citrix server:

  • Form Generator - for creating and modifying form templates

  • Security Centre - manage users and access rights


Support for Oracle and SQL server databases:

  • Database can be located on a separate server if required (eg. Linux Server)



Oracle 10g

Releases 1 and 2

Oracle 11g

Releases 1 and 2

SQL Server 2005

Includes SQL 2005 Express

SQL Server 2008

Includes SQL 2008 Express

SQL Server 2008 R2

Includes SQL 2008 R2 Express

SQL Server 2012

Includes SQL 2012 Express


Server requirement:

  • Requires IIS 6.0 or above



Windows 2003 Server

Any service pack level

Windows 2003 Server R2

Any service pack level

Windows 2008 Server

Any service pack level

Windows 2008 Server R2

Any service pack level

Windows 2012 Server

Any service pack level

Windows 2012 Server R2

Any service pack level


Use of Active Directory for login:

  • Users can login to LabsForm using their existing Windows credentials

Easy creation and editing of form templates:

  • No need for software changes, users can easily configure and expand the system

Correct handling of multiple time zones:

  • Experience and support of large multi timezone deployments

  • All date/time stamps stored as UTC in the database then adjusted to local time when viewing via LabsForm

Archiving via digitally signed XML:

  • Archives can be viewed using a web browser - no requirements for LabsForm

  • LabsForm can verify that the archive has not been altered