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Implementation of LabsForm

Although we operate a 'Named User' license structure, the pricing of licenses is not fixed. At Terrington our approach is very much one of assessing the level of activity and value for each user. We like to understand our clients’ needs and the value that they will derive from using the software and then price accordingly. In terms of payment models, we are flexible and can offer a range of terms. These include the traditional fixed fee in perpetuity license, an annual fee model and an all-inclusive annual fee that includes license fees and annual support costs.

As an alternative to the traditional software licence approach Terrington now offers a fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for LabsForm which has the following benefits:

High availability and uptime - Users can access their software and data from anywhere around the world, where they have access to the internet, and at any time.

Maintenance and upgrades - problems can be dealt with promptly by experienced and knowledgeable software engineers.

Financial benefits - The service is subscription based so the cost of licenses, support and upgrades are covered by quarterly charges rather than upfront payment, thereby spreading cash flows and freeing up capital.

Efficiency - In addition to the financial benefits, SaaS deployments also save businesses their most valuable asset, time, as companies can validate and roll out quicker and without the expense of buying new equipment or internal I.T. resources.

Security and data integrity - All of your data is held in a central secure data centre which is backed up to ensure the availability and integrity of that data. We only use approved data centres that offer the latest in data protection security.