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Terrington’s Document Management System is featured in 2013 Laboratory Informatics Guide.

DocMan, Terrington’s Document Management System, is featured in an article in the 2013 edition of Laboratory Information Guide. The article, which looks at some of the tools for the electronic management of documents within the Laboratory and b…

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Labnotes used in Singapore's first bioanalytical laboratory

Makes clinical trials in Asia faster and cheaper The Singapore clinical trials market is expected to grow to over US$166 million by 2015 – with more than 80% of trials being of international origin. Yet, to date, there has not been a locally-based…

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May 9, 2012  |   Share:

European Bioanalysis Forum, Barcelona, Spain

2012, Dates to be posted We regularly attend this great symposium and plan to have a booth again in 2012.

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