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Terrington Data Management has a history of working closely with respected bioanalytical scientists, CRO's and pharmaceutical companies to constantly develop LabsForm into a key software solution for laboratory data management and also into bespoke software products to meet specific laboratory requirements. The links to the left provide more detailed information on some of the data management products we can provide to benefit your lab or organisation

While details of the products in the LabsForm family can be found on the individual product pages, an overview of some of the core modules and components that feature in almost all solutions can be found below:

Form Generator
An intuitive tool enabling you to modify any of the pre-configured, provided existing templates or design your own to meet any in-house data collection requirement. Minimal levels of IT skills are required to create forms which can be immediately released for use by your team.

Security Centre
A module that allows you to manage Users and their access to the various applications through the use of Roles, User Groups and Program Privileges. It also allows you to configure other settings such as minimum password length and re-use of old user names.

App Centre
This module manages the creation, and access to, LabsForm Apps. In LabsForm an App can be a study/project, methods, set of equipment or any grouping of work in the lab. Users can be given access and permissions on a per-App basis helping to control and manage work flow in the Lab.

Asset Management
Incorporated into all aspects of LabsForm the ability to link to laboratory equipment or methods, to one another this, combined with our workflow management system, further streamlines and secures your processes. For example, you must give justification before using unapproved or expired reagents, or un-calibrated equipment.

Additional Benefits
LabsForm utilises the latest technologies in Web interfaces and Cloud-based hosting (SaaS). The software can be used on hand-helds or PDAs.  Barcodes and labels can be created and printed within LabsForm if required. The software’s electronic signature system is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Terrington’s Services
At Terrington we work closely with all our clients and our data management expertise can be used to enhance any existing features of LabsForm. This ensures that by investing in LabsForm you are protecting yourselves against any future changes in your requirements, better positioning your laboratory within a rapidly evolving industry.